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Call Of Dragons is an exciting and immersive game that allows players to take on the role of a powerful dragon and wreak havoc on cities. In this game, players will need to strategically plan their attacks and use their dragon’s abilities to successfully loot a city. If you’re looking to become a master at looting cities in Call Of Dragons, you’ve come to the right place!

🐉 How To Loot A City in Call Of Dragons

To loot a city, you need to upgrade Hall to level 13, then unlock Alliance Market building. From there you can upgrade Alliance Market to increase the Weekly Loot limit to like 10millions at level 8 building.

🔥 How to get the most Resources when Looting

The amount of resources you can gather depends on:

  1. Your Alliance Market building level (unlocks at Hall Level 13)
  2. Loot Tax
  3. The carrying capacity of your legion

That’s why even if the targeted city have huge amount of lootable resource, you can only bring back so few resources to your city.

To increase your carrying capacity, consider bringing workhorses, as standard attacking legion units like mages, archers, infantry, or cavalry have lower troop load capacity than workhorses.

💣 Best Strategy for Attacking Cities

Part 1: Preparation and Rally Attacks

Attacking cities and flags is a fundamental aspect of mastering the Call of Dragons gameplay. However, the key to success lies in meticulous planning and choosing the most effective attack methods.

Scouting: Before initiating any attack, it’s essential to gather intelligence on your target. Scouting the enemy city or flag will provide crucial information on the number of enemy troops and the strength of garrisoned heroes. This reconnaissance allows you to make informed decisions about your attack strategy.

Rally Attacks: The cornerstone of successful offensive actions in Call of Dragons is rallying. Whenever possible, opt for rallying over solo attacks. Rally attacks have several advantages, including reduced troop losses and significantly higher damage output.

Part 2: The Art of Rally Attacks

Rally Leadership: Ensure that the rally is led by commanders with rally-specific heroes and talents. The choice of rally leaders can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your attack. Select commanders who excel in leading rallies to maximize the rally’s effectiveness.

Alliance Coordination: Rally attacks are collaborative efforts. Coordinate with your alliance members to join the rally. A full rally with diverse troop types enhances your chances of dealing maximum damage to the target. Alliance members can contribute their troops, further strengthening the attack.

Buff Utilization: In Call of Dragons, numerous in-game buffs and enhancements are available to boost your rally’s performance. Activating these buffs, such as attack boosts, defensive bonuses, and speed enhancements, is crucial for success. Additionally, choose the right talent tree tailored to Call of Dragons to optimize your troops’ performance.

Part 3: Advanced Tactics and Considerations

Maximize Troop Count: If your rally building is upgraded to its maximum level, it can accommodate a substantial number of troops. Further increase troop numbers with buffs, hero skills, and technology enhancements. Aim for a full rally with the maximum number of troops to unleash an overwhelming assault.

Reinforcement Strategy: Encourage your alliance members to reinforce the rally during the attack. More troops within the rally mean more damage inflicted on the target. Reinforcements from multiple players can tip the scales in your favor, ensuring a successful offensive.

Solo Attacks and Safety: Reserve solo attacks for low-level cities or flags with abundant resources. Attacking stronger or higher-level targets alone can lead to significant troop losses, especially if you’re a free-to-play player with limited resources. Always be prepared for retaliation, and activate a City Shield to protect your city and resources. We have cover more way to get resources.

Continuous Assault: After successfully reducing a target’s durability, be prepared to launch additional attacks until it reaches 0. City walls, in particular, will be randomly teleported on the map when their durability hits 0, making it essential to keep up the pressure.

Garrisoned AOE Heroes: Exercise caution when attacking targets with garrisoned Area of Effect (AOE) heroes, as they can inflict damage to your troops. Plan your attacks accordingly and ensure your troops are not left exposed near the target after the assault.

Durability Monitoring: Keep a close eye on the durability of your target, whether it’s a city wall, flag, or fortress. Once the durability reaches 0, the target will be destroyed and removed from the map, achieving your objective.

By following these comprehensive strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to plan and execute successful attacks on cities and flags in Call of Dragons, ensuring minimal troop losses and maximizing damage output in the process.

🛡️ How to protect your city & recourse

To protect your city and resources in Call of Dragons, follow these key strategies:

  1. Join an Alliance: Joining an Alliance provides support, resources, and protection. The strength of your Alliance is crucial for success in the game.
  2. Upgrade City Walls: Regularly upgrade your City’s walls to increase their durability. Higher wall levels make it harder for enemies to breach your defenses.
  3. Garrison Heroes: Place heroes with Garrison and Tank talents in your City for increased defense. Upgrade and level up your heroes to improve their effectiveness.
  4. Deputy Heroes: Level up and equip your Deputy hero to act as a backup in case your Commander hero is unavailable.
  5. Use the Resource Vault: Protect resources by storing them in your Alliance’s Resource Vault, which only Alliance members can access.
  6. Upgrade Watch Tower: Upgrade the Watch Tower on your City’s walls to enhance its defense capabilities against enemy attacks.
  7. Research Defense Technology: Research military techs to improve your troops’ defense stats and overall combat abilities.
  8. Use Defensive Artifacts: Equip defensive artifacts like the World Stone to boost the defense and health of your garrisoned troops and heroes.
  9. Upgrade Units Wisely: Consider whether it’s more efficient to promote existing units or train new ones based on your resources and Legion capacity.
  10. Upgrade Hospitals: Improve healing rate and resource healing limit in Hospitals to keep your troops healthy for coordinated attacks and defenses.
  11. Increase Honorary Membership: Earn Honor Points by participating in in-game activities to increase your Honorary Membership level gradually.
  12. Utilize War Frenzy: Be mindful of your War Frenzy level, which affects attack bonuses. It increases when launching attacks and decreases over time, but it can also attract enemy attention.
  13. Activate City Shield: Use City Shields to protect your City and resources when going offline or expecting an extended absence.
  14. Enhanced Defense Boosts: Utilize Enhanced Boost items wisely to gain temporary advantages in various aspects of gameplay.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively safeguard your City and resources in Call of Dragons and improve your chances of success in the game.

📚 FAQs

Q: Can I loot a city multiple times?

A: Yes, you can loot a city multiple times. However, keep in mind that cities will have a cooldown period after each successful looting, during which they will be heavily fortified and more difficult to conquer.

Q: Are there any rewards for looting cities?

A: Yes, indeed! In Call Of Dragons, city looting can grant you up to 30% of valuable resources from conquered cities.

✨ In Conclusion

Looting a city in Call Of Dragons is an exhilarating experience that requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and the right dragon by your side. By choosing the right dragon, planning your attack, and effectively dealing with defenses, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master looter. So gather your dragon army, unleash your inner dragon, and conquer the cities in Call Of Dragons! Good luck, and may the loot be ever in your favor!

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