Call Of Dragons

Hey gamers! 👋 Call Of Dragons is an awesome game that requires gems to progress. But let’s face it, earning these resources can be tough.

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🎮 Call Of Dragons Codes September 2023

List of Working Call of Dragons Codes

Codes Unlock Rewards
AbC123dEfG45 2000 gems, 1 free dragon, free upgrade, 100x gwanwyn token, 100 boost items
Zyx987PqrS21 550 gems, 100x 60-minute speedup, 100000 mana, 50x sweetdew
MnO654jKlI87 random 500-1000 gems, 500000 gold, 500000 wood, 500000 ore
QwE321hJkL90 1 free dragons, 1 secret item

What kind of Codes in Call Of Dragons

Cheat codes, gift codes, couple codes and promo codes are secret combinations that unlock exclusive rewards in the game. By using these codes, players can enjoy numerous benefits, such as free resources, rare items, and powerful upgrades.

At our site, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest and fully functional codes every single day. Our team rigorously tests all the codes to ensure they work flawlessly before making them public. Rest assured, we source these gift codes from reliable and legitimate sources like official Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, …, ensuring no risk of bans or scams.

So, fellow gamers, don’t miss out on the chance to level up your gameplay! Redeem these codes not expired and unlock a world of exciting treasures and advantages.

🌟 How to enter codes on Call of Dragons

  1. Open Call of Dragons app.
  2. Press Profile icon in the top corner.
  3. Select Redeem Code button.
  4. Enter your activation codes in the box.
  5. Click OK button.

🐉 Call Of Dragons Cheats for Free Gems

With our Call Of Dragons gem hack, you don’t need to worry about outdated versions or sketchy downloads. It’s completely free and always will be! 😲✨

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Remember, dragons await you! Don’t miss out on this epic adventure.

✅ Call Of Dragons Gems Generator for Android/iOS

Follow these simple steps to use our Call Of Dragons generator and get free gems:

1. Find and press the “Get free gems” button below. 🆓

2. You will be redirected to our generator tool. Take a moment to admire its power! 💪

3. A small window will pop up, asking for permission to connect your account. Click “Start Find” to let our cheat tool identify your account ID.

4. Now it’s time to select the amount of gems you desire from the drop-down menu. Once you’re satisfied, hit “Generate”.

5. The setup process will take a couple of minutes. Use this time to take a short break and prepare for the endless possibilities that await you.

6. After the setup is complete, you’ll be asked to finish one last task. It’s super easy! Just pick one offer from our sponsors and complete it.

7. Congratulations! Now you can return to your Call Of Dragons game, and all the gems you selected will be waiting for you. 💎

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🐉 Call Of Dragons: Conquer the Fantasy World! 🐉

Tame, Train, and Summon Behemoths: Stand with your alliance, tame powerful beasts like Dragons, and unleash them on your enemies for epic victories!

Heal Units for Free: Enjoy endless battles other cities without worrying about resources, as your units are automatically healed for free. The thrill of conquest awaits!

Countless Fantastic Creatures: Recruit noble Elves, mighty Orcs, and other mythical races to lead your forces to victory. Face off against terrifying creatures and dominate the land of Tamaris!

Play Call Of Dragons now and experience the ultimate fantasy conquest game.

Play this game on Android and iOS.

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