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Dragon Trail: Hunter World – Best Class Guide May 2024

If you’re a gamer diving into the world of Dragon Trail, you might be wondering what class to choose. Each class has its own unique abilities and playstyle, so it’s important to find the one that suits your preferences and gameplay style. In this article, we will explore the different classes in Dragon Trail and ultimately determine the best class for you. So, let’s dive in and find out!

How many Classes in Dragon Trail?

Dragon Trail features a selection of six distinct classes for players to choose from when beginning the game. These classes include the Warrior, Dragon Knight, Cannoneer, Priest, Shadow Hunter, and Ranger.

What Is The Best Class In Dragon Trail 2024?

In Dragon Trail Hunter World, the Cannoneer and Ranger excel as top damage dealers. The Warrior and Dragon Knight stands out as the premier defender or tank class, with a balance of offense and defense, offering high durability and decent damage output. Meanwhile, the Priest class proves invaluable in team battles, providing crucial support for prolonged survival. The Shadow Hunter is considered one of the weaker classes in the game as its damage output is weaker than others, and battles can feel slow when relying on invisibility and stunning enemies for survival.

Strong (S)Warrior
Dragon Knight
Good (A)Cannoneer
Average (B)Ranger
Shadow Hunter

How to Pick the Right Class in Dragon Trail for You?

Warrior: The Indomitable Frontliner

🗡️🛡️ The Warrior class is the epitome of strength and resilience on the battlefield. Armed with a giant sword, the Warrior excels in both attack and defense. With high ATK and DEF stats, this class can dish out devastating blows to enemies while also enduring heavy damage.

If you prefer being on the frontlines, soaking up damage, and protecting your allies, the Warrior class is an excellent choice.

Warrior - DEF/DMG Class
PvE: A PvP: S Damage: A
Pros: Very tough and hard to defeat, with high health and defense.
Cons: Lacks damage. It's decent but not the best.

Dragon Knight: Unleash the Power Within

🐉 The Dragon Knight is a force to be reckoned with. This class harnesses the power of a dragon, transforming into one on the battlefield. With a long dragonite spear as their weapon, Dragon Knights possess immense hindrance against damage and boast impressive ATK and DEF stats.

If you want to unleash your inner dragon and annihilate your enemies, the Dragon Knight class is perfect for you.

Dragon Knights - ATK/DEF Class
PvE: A PvP: S Damage: A+
Pros: Becomes a strong dragon in battle, good in close combat, tough and can withstand damage, has a powerful dragonite spear.
Cons: Needs rage for transformation, struggles against ranged attackers

Shadow Hunter: Swift and Deadly

🗡️🏹 The Shadowhunter is a formidable frontline fighter known for its speed and precision. With lightning-fast attacks and the ability to dodge incoming attacks, this class combines skillful knifeplay with unmatched speed. With high ATK and DEF points, the Shadowhunter can swiftly eliminate enemies and turn the tides of battle.

If you prefer a fast-paced and agile playstyle, the Shadowhunter class is the way to go.

Shadow Hunter - DPS Class
PvE: B PvP: B Damage: C
Pros: High burst damage potential, stealth mechanic for surprise attacks, effective against bosses and tough enemies, synergizes well with damage-boosting abilities, can weaken enemies significantly.
Cons: low durability, complex attack combos may require practice.

Cannoneer: Unleash Havoc from Mid-Range

💥 The Cannoneer is a violent character armed with a powerful machine gun. While lacking in DEF traits, this class compensates with exceptional ATK stats. The Cannoneer prefers to fight from mid-range, obliterating enemies with its rapid-fire attacks.

If you enjoy dealing massive damage from a distance and causing chaos on the battlefield, the Cannoneer class is an explosive choice.

Cannoneer - ATK Class
PvE: B+ PvP: S Damage: S
Pros: High damage, especially in groups.
Cons: Low defense. Works best at mid-range. No supernatural powers, just great strength.

Priest: Mysterious and Supportive

🧙‍♂️ The Priest is a mystical character with magical powers. Wielding a long wand, the Priest excels at supporting allies and incapacitating enemies. With its unique set of skills, the Priest can manipulate the battlefield from a distance. While lacking in ATK and DEF stats, the Priest’s supportive abilities make it invaluable in team battles.

If you enjoy providing assistance to your teammates and turning the tide of battle with your mystical powers, the Priest class is the perfect fit.

Priest – Support Class
PvE: S PvP: A Damage: B
Pros: Great for team battles thanks to support skills.
Cons: Doesn't deal much damage and not ideal for solo play.

Ranger: The Master Archer

🏹 The Ranger is the main archer class in Dragon Trail. Armed with a bow and arrows, the Ranger excels at dealing damage from a distance. This class relies on tactics, using distractions from allies to snipe down enemies. While lacking in ATK and DEF stats, the Ranger’s ability to strike enemies from a long distance more than makes up for it.

If you prefer a strategic playstyle, picking off enemies from afar, the Ranger class is an excellent choice.

Ranger – DMG Class
PvE: B+ PvP: S Damage: S
Pros: Deals high damage, can hit enemies from afar.
Cons: Not very tough, but long-range attacks make up for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which class is the best for dealing damage?

A: The Ranger and Cannoneer classes are the top choices for dealing damage in Dragon Trail. The Ranger excels at long-range damage, while the Cannoneer is the best melee damage class currently available.

Q: What class is the best for tanking and defending?

A: The Warrior class is the best defender or tank class in Dragon Trail. With high durability and decent damage output, the Warrior can absorb hits and protect your allies effectively.

Q: Can the Priest class deal damage?

A: While the Priest class lacks damage-dealing capabilities, it possesses powerful supportive skills that can turn the tide of team battles. If you prefer a supportive role and assisting your teammates, the Priest class is invaluable.

Q: Can you change class in Dragon Trail?

A: Unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide an option to change your class once it’s selected. However, players have the option to create up to three characters on the same server. If they’re unhappy with their current choice, they can create a new character to replace the existing one.


In the world of Dragon Trail, choosing the right class can significantly impact your gameplay experience. Whether you prefer being a frontline powerhouse like the Warrior or unleashing havoc as the Cannoneer, each class offers a unique playstyle and abilities. Ultimately, the best class for you depends on your.

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